Professor Wilheim Isaac Lazarus. Born: Berlin, 1864.


Mind Control. Telekinesis. Talking with spirits.


Professor Lazarus was studying psycic phenomena prior to WWII and making good progress. However as soon as hostilities broke out he was captured and tortured by the Ubermenchenkorps, who wanted to learn his secrets. He had given up nothing and was almost dead when he managed to use his knowledge of possession on one of the guards, essentially swapping minds with him. Before the guard could convince anyone of what had happened Lazarus had fled to America, with the body of an elite Arian Nazi.

From the States Lazarus, under the catchier name of Billy Zion led his own battle against the Nazis, first on his own layer as a member of the United Heroes.

Since the 40s Billy has swapped bodies a couple more times, he currently has the body of Skullmaster, aka Marcel Ernst, after Skullmaster crushed Zion under a lorryful of cheese biscuits.