Copernicus 1/19b

Regeneration, stronger, faster and smarter than a human.

In 1926 Dr Albert Flamenco was experimenting with electrical impulses on single called organisms. He accidentally created Cryptosporidia copernii a protozoa that not only has the ability to band together and communicate via electrical impulse, mimicking a brain, but also to react with and manipulate copper.
It was not long before the protozoa had formed a cluster with rudimentary intelligence and a copper carapace. Over the next few years the creature/cluster of creatures developed into a humanoid, who became known as Copernicus.
As the protazoa runs through the entire form it means Copernicus can regenerate any lost body parts, lost body parts can also regenerate a new Copernicus. By this process a while squad of Copernicuses fought in WWII.
In recent years this process has been kept in check. Several Copernicuses have gone rogue. At the present time there are known to be at least 11 versions of Copernicus, 5 others serving in various super teams around the world and 3 turned to evil. None of these other versions are as strong or fast as Copernicus 1/19b though.


  • 1939-1945 Copernican League
  • 1945-1972 United Heroes
  • 1972-present Vigilante 8