Identity Giuseppe Manganelli, born 1985 in New Bedlam.

Powers Super strength and speed.

Origins Joe's mother, Irene Manganelli went in to labour shortly after being made homeless by Lantec Corp, who demolished the tenement block where she and husband Mario had been living. Irene gave birth in All Saints Church, St Bunkham's during a storm. Reports say that lightning struck the church as she was giving birth. It is not known whether the lightening caused Holy Joe's powers, was another effect of the underlying cause or was unrelated.

Quitting Star Spangled Patriots Joe was a member of the Star Spangled Patriots from 2008 to 2014. At this time he had a public difference of opinion with the Obama administration over healthcare and foreign policy. Joe quit and joined the Vigilante 8 . Joe has been a vocal supporter of Trump and this has caused some to claim he may rejoin the Star Spangled Patriots.


The Karnacky Patrol 2004-2008

Star Spangled Patriots 2008-2014

The Vigilante 8 - 2014-present.