Born: Tupelo, Mississippi 1935

Jesee Presley originates from a parralel universe, the twin brother of Elvis Aaron Presley. In thier universe Elvis was killed by an african-american in a bar brawl in 1954. Distraught at his brother's death Jesse joined the KKK and later became a senetor, placing himself on the ultra-right of the Republican party. During the event known as 'Dork's Rift' Senetor Presley entered and remained in our universe where his brother was still alive. However Elvis's accepting attitude towards african-americans caused friction between the pair. Jesse remained in politics and in 1982 was charged with leading up a joint American and British investigation into the Scaffold Affair. This resulted in Presley taking the Crown of Albion and giving himself the ancient powers of Caradoc. Calling himself Flaming Heart Presley embarked on a short but violent career as a Super Hero which ended in 1988 when he killed his brother, Elvis, during an arguement. After this he was kicked out of the Star Spangled Patriots and spent the next 20 years living in self imposed exile in Papua New Guinea. In 2008 Presley returned to the States and re-entered politics. In 2016 he was appointed Secretary for Enhanced and Non Humans.