Also known as Karak Bloodspear.

Superior originated either from an ancient civilization in the earth's history from before known times, or from a parallel universe. He was a warrior-king and mortal enemy of the wizard Morcar. During an experiment by Dr Fimbus in the 1930's Morcar was killed and Karak was transported to our time/universe. Dr Dork was trying to replicate Fimbus's experiment when he accidentally initiated the events known as Dork's Rift.

Superior has super strength and speed and is able to fly, powers held by all members of his royal house. He also does not age at the same rate as humans.

Before he was killed Morcar created some 'Archeon Crystals' a substance capable of bringing Superior (or other members of his family) to their knees. Several of these have been found around the world since the 30s. It is not known whether they have lain there since ancient times or were transported with Karak into this universe.

Karak Bloodspear has had 3 wives, the latest of which is Lucy Presley, daughter of Jesse. They have a daughter, Gerry, the only known child of Karak. It is not known if she has inherited her father's powers.